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Just wanted to submit this picture that my husband took of me at Gallifrey One this past weekend. It was my first time cosplaying as 10 and the outfit isn’t quite complete yet (still working on the jacket!!) but I couldn’t wait another year to debut it! Hope you like it, :-)

Hi! I'm going to a convention at the end of January & I want to dress as The 11th Doctor. I have a burgundy bow tie, burgundy suspenders & the sonic screwdriver already. I'm having issues finding a shirt and jacket. Any suggestions? Thanks :3

Here’s where I’d start:  Old Navy, Forever 21, Thrift Shops.

Good luck!

Hello,i love your blog! I've been invited to go a Doctor Who party, and I have no idea what to dress up as! I don't have a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money, any ideas?

The quickest and easiest Doctor Who costume I know involved only an old white t-shirt and a sharpie.  Just draw a face, and you’ve got yourself an adipose costume!  (Just be careful where you put the eyes…)

Submitted by Heather - 10 and Tardis Femme Couple Costume
Hi, here’s a pic from my wife and I on Hallowe’en 2013. What we lack in accuracy we made up for in enthusiasm! My sonic and her lamp-fascinator are homemade - mine strobes in green and blue (fun on the dancefloor) and hers lights up AND make a passable vwoork-sound. 

Submitted by Heather - 10 and Tardis Femme Couple Costume

Hi, here’s a pic from my wife and I on Hallowe’en 2013. What we lack in accuracy we made up for in enthusiasm! My sonic and her lamp-fascinator are homemade - mine strobes in green and blue (fun on the dancefloor) and hers lights up AND make a passable vwoork-sound. 

Just out of curiosity, for Doctors Nine through Eleven, have there been any crossplayers that just POPPED out? Ones that seemed like they could legitimately seemed like they could be female versions of those Doctors? (especially Nine, since Nine is my personal favorite Doctor) :)

Um, I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking.  I think you mean that you’re looking for cosplayers/crossplayers that have similar facial features are their male-actor-counterparts?

At any rate, I don’t catalog or judge or rank cosplayers.  I think everyone who has the guts to walk around is costume deserves respect and appreciation.  And I post all of the submissions I receive.  

If you’re looking for something/someone specific, I suggest searching the #Femme!Nine tag.




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Photography by LJinto @ C2E2 '13.
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This group really was incredible. We were missing a couple of the doctors and our friend stepped up for the 1st that weekend, and we actually FOUND our 3rd at the con center. It sounds like a fairy tale how this group came together and it was glorious.

These girls all have a special place in my heart. and i hope this group forged strong friendship between everyone. All these ladies are beautiful and super glad to be apart of it all

Kinda perfect timing us getting these photos so close to the anniversary ;3 

Still amazing.


50th anniversary project



Okay, hi guys. I want to do a project for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, a documentary as such, involving you & me (the fans!), so if you don’t mind filming yourself then read on!

Firstly anyone who is celebrating the 50th in anyway is welcome!
People who are going to the event in London, any day, any group, I’d like you to film your day, getting there, what you’re doing and anything you find interesting, if you’re dressing up ect.

If you’re not going to that but still want to be involved, I would like you to film what you’re doing to celebrate the 50th, are you going to the cinema? Making Doctor Who cupcakes? Are you marathoning Doctor Who in your Doctor Who t-shirt all day? Thats cool too! If you think its cool then you can send it me.

Of course for this idea to be good, I need more than myself involved, there is much planning that will need to be done but I need to know people are interested and what they could do :)

Either send me an ask on here or e-mail me emilym96@hotmail.co.uk and I can start finer tuning the details and what not.
Thanks for reading

[x] here is this promised video, check it out and get involved!

I was asked to pass this along, so here it is, in case anyone is interested.  

Hiya! i am wondering if you could give me some advice, i am going to the Who 50 Conference in London and i am doubting between Cosplaying Sarah Jane Smith and Crossplaying the Tenth Doctor. I have everything i need for Sarah Jane Smith and almost everything for 10, but i was wondering if you could give me some advice on the hair, the tie and the shoes? Thank you

Yeah, sure.  To me, “crossplay” means that you want to dress up as the male character, and “femme cosplay” is that you want to be Lady Ten.  That’s just my own person distinction.  

Hair - If you want to crossplay Ten, it may be best to get a wig, if you want to be really accurate.  If you want to do a femme cosplay, I’ve seen people do a reverse French braid or twist and leave the end loose on top, to emulate the hair.  But I have a friend whose daughter calls Ten “crazy hair doctor” - so you could just have crazy big hair - almost like River’s maybe?

Tie - I believe most of the screen-accurate ties are pretty expensive.  Assuming you want to stay low budget, find a screenshot of the tie you like the best, buy a cheap solid color one and some fabric paint and go to town.

Shoes - They’re Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Top All Stars.  If you’re wearing the brown suit, the shoes are “Natural White”.  If you’re wearing the blue suit, they’re maroon (not true red!), but I think Converse may have discontinued that color.  Again, if you would rather not spend the money (these shoes run $55-60), you can probably find a decent knock-off at Payless or Target or something.

Hope that helps!

Hey, I loooove the blog!:D Allllrighty down to business - I'm cosplaying as Eleven for my schools dress up as you hero for charity shindig, and I've got my tweed jacket, suspenders, bowtie, a screwdriver I've written sonic on, etc, but I have no idea what to do with my hair (I have shoulder length, thick, and it's a color I like to call Matt Smith) and if there are any other touches I could add to help make it completely obvious who I'm cosplaying as? Many thanks!

Thank you!

I’m a little behind on tumbling, so I hope this isn’t too late!

The thing that I think is most iconic about Eleven’s hair is the really severe side part, that’s kind of floppy and combed forward a bit.

Other touches to make it “obvious”?  Well, I think you’ll already be obvious to Whovians.  I’m not sure if non-Whovians will get it no matter what you do.  But you could always add a fez (and mop?) or stetson.

Good luck!


Madison (doctordoctoryouhavehealedme) as femme!Three and me as femme!Master at Long Island Who this weekend.